Homeland Security Us Coast Guard & Sos

Posted: 07/30/2014

I am not sure which branch of the US Military shut us down, but unlike last week there were NO PIRATES aboard any of the AHYC SOS boats last night.  Although as a side note Tara "the terible" came up to me before the sail and said: " Mike come here I have to whisper you a secret."  So I walked over and leaned down and she whispered: " Mike I have 3 big bottles of water for extra ammo." She was disapointed to hear that the Pirates were shut down. The cool air and 12 knot winds simply provided a wonderful evening sail.  That being said I'd like to Thank Mr. Jeff Smith for making last nights sail even possible.  SOS needs a minimum of 3 Captains in order to sail on Tuesday nights.  Four is prefered, but we can by with 3.  Yesterday morning we only had 1 Captain confirmed for the evening.  By 11 AM we had 2.  I reached to Jeff for help and came through big time with an email calling for help.  From that email Mr. Keith Londres contacted me and offered his boat as aid and comfort to SOS.  After docking Keith offered to add his name to the list of SOS Captains.  Thanks Keith.  The SOS program has that affect on people.  Avi offered to run the AHYC Chase boat on opening night and he signed up for the seaon after just one night.  People I am telling you joining the AHYC SOS program, either as a Captain or Coach, makes you feel, with appologies to Johnathan Winters when he was playing Maude Frickert: "warm all over your body." Contact me for informaiton on what we were all about.

Thanks Mike Young AHYC SOS Chair

Sizzling Summer Savings!

Posted: 07/29/2014

SIZZLING SUMMER SAVINGS at the SHIP's STORE !!  Sale starts August 1st

50% off all white short sleeved t-shirts 

20% off all colored t-shirts

20% off all ladies and men's flip flops (Eliza B and Leatherman - burgee ribbon)

Patricia Worth, Ships Store Chair 732-233-6526
Sue Olsen, Ships Store Co-Chair 908-400-1061

Cadets From Earle In Need Of Training

Posted: 07/29/2014

Good Day Club Members,

I received a request from Commander Baumann of NWS Earle Division, who graciously brought the Color Guard to our Blessing of the Fleet this year.  He is looking for an AHYC member or members with a certification or Captain's License to voluntarily assist in training some 14-17 year old
United States Naval Sea Cadets who are based at the Naval Weapons Station in learning some basic seamanship and possibly some basic sailing skills. This could take place a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday or perhaps an evening would be most appreciated.  If you are interested and available, please contact me at 732-890-1284 for which I will put you in touch with the commander who can provide more detail.

Any consideration in assisting Earle's Cadets would be greatly appreciated.


Steven Graziano
Rear Commodore



Billing Email

Posted: 07/29/2014

You may or may not receive an email from me and AHYC stating that you owe your annual dues. If you do, please ignore it. We are still working through these things.
Thank you for your patience.  

P/C Jack Flannery, IT Committee

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